Do you wonder if you have what it takes . . .
​  . . .to improve your relationship with food?

 . . .to have less stress around eating?

 . . .to feel better about your choices?

 . . .to feel more at ease with your body?

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Coach Andrea Quigley Maynard

You have what it takes:  

Overcome emotional eating, overeating and chronic dieting by rediscovering qualities you already have
Having a more relaxed relationship with food begins with believing in your inherent worth and abilities but somewhere along the way most of us forget all that we are capable of. Years of overeating, emotional eating and dieting leaves us feeling exhausted, confused and like there is no way out but if we can take a closer look at our history and remember qualities we already have, they will serve us on the road to a more relaxed life with food.

Come find out what tools you already have at your disposal to support you in creating the life that you want.
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